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Shoptalk conducts evaluations in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Most of the work involves shopping property management employees to evaluate their performance on the phone, in-person and via the internet. We also report on the appearance and condition of the community, as well as the apartments.

Shoppers are required to provide an accurate, unbiased account of their entire experience. All reports must contain specific, descriptive details in order for the client to visualize each shopper's experience from beginning to end.

Our clients use these shopping reports for evaluating their own employees, prospective employees and their competition. Complete accuracy is of utmost importance as our clients use the results to make employment changes and implement training programs.

Application Instructions

If you are interested in applying, please perform the following steps:

  1. Download & complete the Application Form
    Choose one of these versions...

    Shopper Application Form - Word Document
    Shopper Application Form - PDF Version
  2. Email the completed form with the city/area where you are located in the subject line to:
  3. Mail a hard copy to the address at the bottom of the form. Once your application has been received, you will be emailed instructions on the test report process.



In order to be considered for work as a Shoptalk shopper, each applicant must complete and PASS a test report process and go through a training program. The test report will assess your ability to follow explicit instructions and write up a detailed account of a typical shopping experience.


The training program will:

  • Prepare you to present yourself as a “typical” prospect for each assignment
  • Provide you with helpful hints and tips to avoid being spotted as a shopper
  • Present you with strategies for handling a variety of situations that may occur 


NOTE: New shoppers are needed on an ongoing basis, in the following areas/cities:

WASHINGTON:    Eastside/Seattle
Spokane/Tri Cities
OREGON: Portland/Vancouver
IDAHO: Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls

Shoptalk Service Evaluations is here to work for you. 

Please contact us via email for assistance
or call 425-424-8870.

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